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EyeMax Security prides itself on being a “One-Stop” source for all elements of a high quality, high availability, cost effective, video surveillance solution and video surveillance services.



Eyemax Security Video Monitoring

EyeMax Security’s research and design department will examine facilities utilizing customer input, mapping tools available on-line, and/or site-visits, to determine the optimal solution for each site.  A final design will be determined through discussions with facility personnel to eliminate ‘blind spots’ and to identify environmental factors that impact proper surveillance.

Once the design is complete a project proposal with recommended cameras and cost will be sent to the customer for review.

Video & Audio Equipment

EyeMax Security selects and installs high quality audio/video equipment at each customer site based on the customer inventory to be protected, power and network availability, building layout, and lighting.  The goal is to provide security protection for high value assets in the most cost effective manner.

Customers with existing video equipment can typically retain that equipment and incorporate it into the surveillance service through the addition of an EyeMax Security DVR or NVR.

EyeMax Security is not a stocking distributor of audio/video equipment.  Each customer’s equipment is selected and procured specifically for each site.  Customers receive the best solution for their operation.

Eyemax Security InstallationInstallation

EyeMax Security dispatches an Installation Manager to each site to manage local licensed installers.  Partnering with a local installer helps insure that qualified personnel will be available as needed to help with any future maintenance and installation issues.

Basic System Components Include:

  • On-Site DVR or NVR
  • Video Cameras
  • Speakers
  • High Speed Internet
  • Surveillance Center with Live Security Guards

How the Integrated System Operates – the Basics

  • The on-site DVR/NVR is connected to the customer’s high speed Internet service.
  • Cameras are connected to the DVR/NVR via LAN, direct wiring, or wireless transmitters.
  • Speakers are used for sounding alarms and/or make announcements
  • The DVR/NVR runs software with Analytics by GeoVision, one of the largest video equipment and software providers in the world.
    • Detects motion on any/all cameras including thermal night-time cameras.
    • Detects fires and high fire risks when monitoring special cameras for that purpose.
    • Sends an alert and live camera feed to the Surveillance Center
  • Live Guards at the Surveillance Center take appropriate action.

Remote Video Surveillance


EyeMax Security completes the surveillance task by actively monitoring customer sites during ‘closed’ hours 365 days per year.  Customers can choose the hours they want monitored.  ALL Surveillance is performed by live Security Guards working at the EyeMax Security owned Surveillance Center.

Taking Action

  • Alerts from the customer site trigger action.
  • Live Guards visually verify the Alert and take appropriate action.
  • Customer provided profiles control the actions taken.
  • Actions are largely defined by the type of customer, and may range from asking unwanted guests to return during normal business hours to calling customer personnel and/or local law enforcement or fire departments.

All video is recorded on-site and is available for up to 30 days for further use as needed.  Emails with pictures of each operational shift’s activities are sent to customer management daily.

The system is available to customer personnel 24×7 for viewing, replaying, or burning back-up CDs.

Equipment Warranty & Maintenance Service

All equipment supplied by EyeMax Security is warranted for one year. Customers may choose to purchase an EyeMax Security Extended Warranty to repair or replace faulty equipment.

Mobile Video Surveillance

Mobile App

Each EyeMax Security Customer receives a free Mobile App that enables live surveillance of cameras at each customer site.

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