EyeMax In Action – Auto Salvage Yard

This is an actual report from a recent incident involving a salvage yard:

3:19am – camera31 – A suspect is seen on the yard.

3:20am – The police were called, customer contact was called and didn’t answer, so a message was left.

3:21am – camera31 – Multiple suspects were seen on the yard.

3:26am – camera 31 – The police are seen running after the suspects.

3:29am – camera4 – The police are seen on the lot.

3:34am – camera31 – The police search the woods.

3:34am – camera 4 – The police search the lot.

3:36am – c amera15 – Backup arrives for the search in the woods.

4:31am – camera16 – The police apprehend the suspects and exit.

4:35am – Dispatch called back, suspects are in custody, the incident number is- xxxxxxx.

4:53am – camera 8 – The police continue to search the lot.

5:25am – camera1 – An employee unlocks the gate and enters the yard.

319 suspect seen on yard-1321 multiple suspects seen on yard-1326 police seen running after suspects-1329 police arrive on lot-1334 police searching woods-1334 police searching yard-1336 backup arrives-1431 police apprehend and exit-1453 police continue to search the yard-1525 employee unlocks gate and enters lot-1

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