EyeMax In Action – Auto Dealership

This is an actual report from a recent incident involving an auto dealership:


12:24am – cam 6 – A person is seen on the property.  Police and the lot contacts are called.

12:25am – A message was left on (client’s) voicemail,  (2nd contact) was reached and should arrive at the lot in 10 minutes.

12:32am – cam 6 – Police surround the property.

12:33am – cam 6 – Person runs and tries to hide.

12:53am – cam 8 – Police enter the property with a k-9 unit.

1:33am – cam 6 – Police find the person and take him into custody.

1:36am – cam 6 – Police and suspect exit the property.

5:34am – cam 2 – The employees begin arriving.

1224 person on property, police and lot contacts are called

1230 person1232 police arriveTheft Caught on video1233 person hides136 person in custody they exit the property

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