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Auto Dealership Video Surveillance, Security for auto Dealerships

EyeMax Security offers security solutions to automotive dealerships through video surveillance that is both convenient and cost effective .  During monitored hours, our Surveillance Center is immediately aware of any activity in sight of cameras.  Our security guards can then take action according to dealership instructions.  These actions can range from talking persons off the lot to calling law enforcement.   EyeMax Security saves time and money, by eliminating other non-effective security measures.

Challenges & Solutions for Auto Dealerships

  • Auto Dealership theft and vandalism often occurs at night or on weekends, and when dealerships are closed.
  • On-site security guard services can be helpful, but are limited in what they can see, leaving many opportunities for unseen intrusions.  On-site guard services are very expensive.
  • DVR’s and cameras are helpful, but, by themselves, only record history and do little in the way of prevention.
  • EyeMax Security combines the best of both Security Guards and security video surveillance cameras to stop theft and vandalism before it occurs.
  • Intruders are immediately recognized by our cameras and advanced surveillance systems.  Our Security Guards then monitor the intruders in real time and take action appropriate to the situation.  Dealers appreciate how EyeMax Security Guards advise ‘visitors’ in a friendly and non-threatening way that they are being monitored.
  • For unlighted storage lots, EyeMax Security can install and monitor thermal cameras to detect intruders in total darkness.
  • One-stop shopping lets auto dealerships concentrate on selling cars while EyeMax Security handles after hours security and surveillance service.

Advantages of EyeMax Security

  • Stop Theft and Vandalism before it occurs.
  • Inform after-hours visitors that they are being monitored.
  • Involve Law Enforcement immediately when appropriate.
  • Most cost effective solution for theft and vandalism prevention.
  • Auto Dealerships are advised of all security threats on a daily basis via email.
  • Dealer can use the video surveillance system during operating hours to improve management.
  • Included mobile app allows auto dealership personnel to monitor cameras 24/7/365.


Watch EyeMax Security Catch A Thief!

EyeMax Security Delivers A Comprehensive Report Of Every Incident

EyeMax In Action – Auto Dealership

This is an actual report from a recent incident involving an auto dealership:   12:24am – cam 6 – AView full post »

Client Testimonial

“We were having a lot of theft of DVD players from our Cadillac Escalade’s on our new car lot. I called EyeMax Security and in a very short period of time they installed 16 cameras combined with 16 existing cameras all controlled by the EyeMax Server with motion sensor software. The EyeMax Server digitally records video 24/7/365 and stores it for up to 30 days. We can go back and review video and if we have an incident, burn a CD.”

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