Arrest Report 4/05/2014


9:25 – PM – Cam 21 – Person seen on lot, the police are called.
9:25 – PM – Cam 21 – Suspect on the lot.
9:28 – PM – Cam 21 – Second suspect walks across road as a patrol car arrives.
9:39 – PM – Cam 21 – More police begin arriving on the lot.
9:39 – PM – Tried to call owner and several other contacts, but none of them answered.
10:02 – PM – Cam 21 – Police on lot and searching the area suspect was last seen.
10:08 – PM – Cam 21 – Suspect is found by the police, and taken into custody.
10:12 – PM – Called and spoke with XXXX. He said local, XXXX, would be sent to the lot.
10:57 – PM – Talked to XXXX and he said that he needed the picture for the police. The pictures were sent.
End of Report.
925 suspect on lot928 second suspect walks across road as soon as patrol car drives through

939 tried calling richard and several other contacts but did not recieve a answer939 police arrive on the lot and begin search on lot

1002police search area the suspect was last seen1012 I talked with Matt and he said a local by Greg would be headed to the lot

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