Arrest Report 3/19/2015

8:26pm- Camera 6- A person was spotted on the yard.

8:26pm- Camera 6- Called the police and the contact Carlos.

8:33pm- Camera 6- Suspect seen running on the yard.

8:39pm- Camera 6- Police on the yard looking for suspect.

8:49pm- Camera 6- More police arrive on the yard.

8:58pm- Camera 6- K9 police arrive on the yard.

9:00pm- Camera 6- Police looking for the suspect on the yard.

9:15pm- Camera 6- Police with dog looking for suspect on the yard.

9:16pm- Camera 6- Police arrest the suspect. Report #519140

9:18pm- Camera 1- Police putting the suspect in the car.

5:38am- Camera 1- The employees begin arriving.

End of Report.

826 suspect seen running on property833 suspect seen on property
839 police on lot looking for suspect849 police on property

858 k9 police arrive900 police searching for suspect

915 police with dog916 suspect being arrested

538 employee arrives918 Police putting suspect in squad car

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